Meet the Pastor


Pastor John Goguen (pronounced "GO - gen") has pastored AGAPE BIBLE
FELLOWSHIP, in East Aurora, New York, since 1989. He has travelled
extensively to share God's Word, with destinations all across the United
States, Canada, Europe, and even as far away as the Island of Mindanao,
Philippines. His wife of over thirty years, Kathy, works with him.

They are the blessed parents of their three grown children: April, now
married to Steven Brough; Ashley, attending college; and Aaron, out of
high school and working. 

Pastor John was called by God into the pastorate at sixteen years of age,
having been saved at fourteen. He was trained at and graduated from both
Philadelphia Biblical University (B.S. in Bible) and Dallas Theological
Seminary (Th.M. in Theology). He is a licensed and ordained Southern
Baptist Minister, but prefers to be now known as a "Bapti - Costal".

AGAPE BIBLE FELLOWSHIP is a body of believers dedicated to the ministry
of the truly FULL GOSPEL of the Lord Jesus Christ: Salvation, Deliverance and
Healing complemented with all the genuine spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit!