Listen & Be Delivered

Mass Deliverance                                         Messages by Pastor John
Ahab & Jezebel                                Alcohol & The Food Addict: Digging Your Grave with Your Own Fork
Beatles & Rock Music                        Antidote for Impulsive & Impatient Spirits
Childhood & Catholic Spirits             Are You A Worry-Wart?
Diabetic Spirits                                Back to Basics 101
Hatred and Spirits in the Eyes           Battling Masturbation
Marriage Breaking Spirits                  Bitter Fruit From Bitter Roots
Mass Deliverance At Workshop          Breaking the Curse of the Fool
Mass Deliverance Spring 2009           
Destruction of Unbelief
Pride & Mind Control                        Fighting Obesity And Demons in the Glands
Pride and Leviathan                         Freedom from Family-Line Hatred
Witchcraft and Poverty                    Healthy or Unhealthy Conscience?
Hebrews 13:7
Radio Interview                                   Hidden Spirits Within
Spiritual Warfare Deliverance            How Favoritism Destroys Families
                                                      Internet Sewage Poisoning Your Home?
Music                                              Marriage Covenant & Marriage Breaking Spirits
 Agape Sings                                     Music Gateway to Heaven or Hell?
Workshop Music                              Spirits of Gluttony
                                                      The High Cost of Self Rejection
                                                      The Lying Whispers of Lust        
                                                      Too Much Month at the End of the Money?
                                                      Why Not Christmas?

Thursday Messages                                      Sunday Messages
Pleasing God  3/12/15                       Loving God With All Your Heart  5/10/15
John 4 Evangelize Part 1  3/19/15       Spirit Of The World Part 1 5/31/15     
John 4 Evangelize Part 2  4/16/15      Spirit of The World Part 2  6/7/15
John 4 Evangelize Part 3  5/14/15      Spirit of The World Part 3  6/14/15

The Trinity in Salvation 6/18/15         Spirit of The World Part 4  6/21/15
The Holy Spirit in Salvation 7/9/15
The Holy Spirit in Salvation 7/23/15
The Holy Spirit in Salvation 7/30/15
The Enabling Power of the Spirit 8/6/15