Spring Warfare + Deliverance Conference, #74

598 Buffalo Road

East Aurora,  NY  14052

[Fri-Sun, March 23-25, 2018]   

Friday Eve: 6:30 PM – Victor Mravlag from Allentown, PA -

        “Freedom from Deep Hatred and the Devil’s Dungeon”

   Sat. 11:00 AM  –  “The Fragmented Soul”– P. Win Worley

       12:00 PM  –   Lunch Break                                                         

         1:30 PM  –   Praise Time!

         2:00 PM  –  “Architects of Our Own Demise” – P. John

         3:00 PM  –   Intermission/Break                                       

         3:30 PM  –   “Demons Causing Us to Burst into Rage” - P. Mobley

5:00 PM  –   Dinner Break [Free Catered Meal]        

         6:30 PM  –   Mass/Group Deliverance                         

Sun. 10:30 AM –  “ThankFULNESS:  Major Door to Freedom”

Dear Saints in Light,

Do you know that there are about 300 verses alone in God’s Word that deal with Christ’s 1st Coming?  Are you also aware that this number doubles to around 600 verses that reference Christ’s 2nd Coming? When we add it all together, we discover that a whole 1/4th of the Bible deals with prophecy and end – times events.

The truth is you could have been born at any other time in human history but the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ wanted you here on earth now.  Why?  Paul’s answer is in Eph. 1:11:

    “…Who works everything by the counsel of His own will…”

                                                          (Berean Study Bible)

In short, because God wanted it that way.  He is God and we are not.  In essence, He calls the shots.  Our responsibility is to occupy and stay in the battle until Jesus, His Son is sent to come get us.  That word “occupy” means to do diligent business, work hard both for the King and for other’s souls until that appointed time. Come join us, shoulder-to-shoulder, in some hard work together.  Jeshua is worth it!

DIRECTIONS: 598 Buffalo Road, E. Aurora, NY 14052

From I – 90 West or East, take Exit 54 [Route 400 South], then take

the 4th Exit [Jamison Rd.], turning right at end of ramp, going about

1 mile to Seneca Street/Buffalo Road. Turn left for about 1 mile until

you see a brown/tan trim building on the left.


BEST WESTERN – (716)896-2900  ($59.99 Group Rate under Agape,  BOOK BY MARCH 16th…free breakfast, 601 Dingens Street, Buffalo, NY at I – 90 and Route 190, only 20 min. from Church,  2 Double Beds)  BOOK EARLY, DON’T WAIT!

Check out AirBnB.Com (can be much cheaper than a hotel).  Also, Google: HOTWIRE.COM, HOTELS.COM, or join CHOICE

HOTELS to gather points toward free stays!

Naturally, space doesn’t permit listing lodgings and camp sites around the East Aurora area.  Plan to arrive early to look around.  We’re not only 25 minutes from the Canadian border but very close to the Niagara Falls so bring your passports.  Do take some personal or vacation time to invest in things eternal!

+ The Agape Bible Bookroom at your fingertips with hundreds of

different titles of books, booklets, CD’s, DVD’s at Workshop discount.

+ Registration: Adults - $20.00; Youth -$15 for 13 and older.

+ Please come dressed modestly and prepared for ministry.

+ 3 great opportunities for Deliverance + Healing Prayer.

+ Need help, or have any questions: Call Kathy at (716)655-5008

or e-mail at Kapago123@Aol.Com; our website is: AgapeBible.Org

+ NEXT CONFERENCE:  Summer, June 22nd Weekend